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From its original inception to the present day, the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net) has developed a series of activities, which have aimed to establish a flow of communication among different academic disciplines and interrelated subjects and to design a common plateau in order not only to allow the equal involvement of all members but also to ensure the scientific quality of the ongoing research to the best possible degree.

Annual Meetings

Fourteen annual meetings of the members of the Arc-Net have taken place in Corfu (1997), Athens (1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008) and Venice (2000), Oxford (2001), Prague (2003), Milton Keynes (2004), Dublin (2006) and Gent (2007), Athens (2009), Lavrion (2012). The purpose of these meetings has been to establish the main goals of the Network and to organise future projects.

In the course of these meetings members evaluate the past activities of the Arc-Net and plan the activities for the next year. Discussions focus on subjects related to the performances of Ancient Greek Drama, such as methodological problems concerning the research and the documentation of the information gathered. Furthermore, through these annual meetings, the members have established the form of the database, which has now acquired its final form.

Finally, the coordination committee, which was established in 1999 and consists of five members (Professor Platon Mavromoustakos (Greece), Professor Oliver Taplin (United Kingdom), Professor Maria de Fátima Silva (Portugal), Professor Dr Henri Schoenmakers (Netherlands), Professor Eva Stéhlikονá (Czech Republic), has had meetings of managerial character in Prague, Coimbra and Athens.


The first international conference on European Performances of Ancient Greek Drama took place in Corfu in April 1997, during the course of the first annual meeting of the members of the Arc-Net. The conference took place thanks to the kind support of the University of Athens, the Ionian University, the Municipality of Corfu, the Permanence Helleniste Ionienne, and the Kostopoulos Foundation. In November 2001, the German and Greek members of the Arc-Net organised the conference “Performances of Ancient Greek Drama: Greek and German approaches” in Berlin. The conference took place thanks to the kind support of the National Book Centre of Greece.


The proceedings of the Corfu conference were published under the title Productions of Ancient Greek Drama in Europe during Modern Times (Editor: Platon Mavromoustakos, texts in Greek, English and French with summaries in English, Kastaniotis Editions), with the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Education, the University of Athens, and Kastaniotis Editions ( ). The publication of this volume is considered to be the first step towards the production of new educational material on Ancient Greek Drama, as well as a means of exchanging information between the participating countries. In 2005, a volume to accompany the summer courses was produced. This volume includes articles by professors / members of the Arc-Net and is used as common ground for the teaching of different subjects during the courses.

Film festival

In 2003, the Arc-Net in cooperation with Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Goethe Institute in Athens organised a festival with films related to Ancient Greek Drama, its performances and adaptations. The Greek team of the Arc-Net was responsible for the choice of films, the organisation and the coordination, while research was conducted by several members of the Arc-Net who contributed to the catalogue of the festival.

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